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Looking for a new and exciting group activity? We’ve spent months creating each of our escape rooms to provide a team-building, challenging, and stimulating adventure. As you solve our puzzles and missions, you’ll learn a few things about yourself and the people you’re locked-in with. Read below to learn more about our rooms.

Image by Tomas Sobek
Escape Room Items
Image by Josh Howard

The Lost Temple

What causes an Empire to collapse? Explore the ruins of the most powerful ancient civilizations and uncover their mysterious secret. Discover what gave kings their wisdom, generals their might, and emperors their power. Hidden beneath the city lies their lost secret...

The Weeping Ghost

An anonymous cyber group has been linked to a string of robberies and electronic theft. But what's more interesting are the symbols they leave behind. Track down the group and discover what they have been working to assemble.

Angel's Asylum

You wake up in a strange, metal bed. Your feet hurt as if you've been walking for ages. A distant wail cuts through the darkness, and a strange whispers to you from the hall: "Follow"

Welcome to Angel's Asylum, our first horror room.

Rusty Lockers
Fancy Antique Room
Image by Breno Machado

Lost in Numbers

The Cold War brought the world to its knees. Code breakers were recruited to devise methods never before seen. In this mystery thriller room, track down the rogue Russian code team to find out what they're plotting. But be careful, as they are always ¥©∂ µ∫∂ƒ ¥ø∂•∞ ¥ß Ω¥≈.

The Golden Room

The Palace of Catherine the Great is an opulent display of the power of a true Czar. But beneath the lavish candelabras and stunning jewels, their looms a treasure far greater. Discover what the Empress held more dear than life itself by finding her Golden Room.

Into the Wild

Our most stunning puzzle room yet. Get ready because this two hour monstrosity will confound, stump, and frustrate you into trying harder. This expert room needs no introduction, only a warning:
Experts Only, Beyond This Point

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